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Produce things that makes a difference.

Technology & Commerce

We started as a technology company, procuring and creating web applications for businesses based in London, Zurich, Berlin and Sao Paulo.

We grew as we realised the potential in different markets, and we now have a family-run business with 12 employees worldwide. 


To build a quality and trusted network, you need to do business with those who have done so correctly.


No shortcuts, no problems.

Product & Service

Digital work

Our digital arms work in 2023 is for brands and webstores in the UK and Europe.



NeuroShake; 30 highly potent active ingredients for macronutrient metabolism, muscle function, cognitive function and the nervous system. 

Created for people with Neurodivergence looking to improve their Brain and bodily systems and functions.

Manufactured in the UK.


20 AminoAcids

Full Spectrum of premium Free Form amino acids in crystaline state.

Manufactured in the UK.



Always procuring new channels and suppliers.

Feel free to contact us directly.

Food Supplements

As of Jan 2023

We are currently looking for sub-distributors.

Internationally approved companies are welcome to apply and

book a video call.

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